Purim 2014

Celebrating Purim on March 16th this year?

Purim is a festival that reminds us of the hand of Adonai YHVH and how he saved his people from complete annihilation.

On Purim we read the  scroll or book of Esther that contains the account of what transpired.

Purim is for all of God’s people. Not just for the house of Judah (Jews), but the whole house of Israel.

The Bad News is you have already missed Purim.

Purim was last month. The book of Esther clearly tells us that this festival is to be celebrated in the 12th month Adar. [Esther 9:21]

Before the dispersion, as the last act of the Sanhedrin, a calculated calender was instituted requiring Adar Bet‘s to be estimated.

A Jewish tradition was instituted where in the event of an Adar Bet, Purim will be celebrated on the Adar Bet instead.

However we are back in the Promised Land.

We can check to see the barley is Aviv to determine whether an Adar Bet is Necessary.

There is NO EXCUSE to continue ignoring YHVH‘s calender.

If you continue to trust in Man’s calender over YHVH‘s calender, good luck with heeding and interpreting prophecy. A veil of blindness will be over you.

You do know YHVH runs this universe according to His clock and not any man made or pagan calender?

If you are wise and choose to return to YHVH‘s calender, you will realize that we do not even find out that there is an ADAR BET until the day we would have celebrated Purim on the 12th month has passed!!!

Therefore Celebrating Purim on the 13th month is faulty logic and obeying the Rabbis instead of YHVH is rebellion against THE MOST HIGH.



Yeshua is the Messiah | Just ask Yitzhak Kaduri |



Hallelu Yah


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