Darwin’s Finches Exposed!

After their Kind

God created Animals to bring forth after their Kind [Genesis 1]. God gave his creation a large enough gene pool to be able to adapt to various environments. Atheists believe that all the animals came from a single cell organism that somehow came to life from non-living chemicals, found something to eat, and learned how to reproduce in a pond (talk about a genetic bottle neck!).

Darwin noticed slight variation between finches. The beaks of the finches had diversified, allowing different types of finches to hunt in different ways. He concluded these finches must have had a common ancestor… a finch!

This observation is often touted as proof of evolution. Let’s have a look at what has happened here, the genes where already in the gene pool, no new genetic information was added. If this was proof of evolution we would see a gain of genetic complexity however all we see is diversification of an already established gene pool which usually results in the loss of genetic information.

The Scientific Method means that we use experiments that can be demonstrated, tested, and repeated. We see animals diversify from already existing gene pools which is bringing forth after their kind, exactly what God said! We don’t observe kinds of animals turn into other kinds of animals how Darwin said. Which hypothesis is substantiated or more scientific?

Dogs only produce dogs, we have never seen a dog produce a non-dog. The dog kind has been DNA tested and the evidence points towards all the dogs, wolves, and coyotes we see today coming from a common ancestor, a dog! Take a look at the difference in dog skulls that can be produced by the Dog Kind’s gene pool alone!

No evolution necessary!





KJV Bible

Ray Comfort, Evolution Vs. God, YouTube.



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